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I Am Weak: A Personal Reflection
by Jason Berl on July 26th, 2015
   At times, we all feel out of control. I wrote the following as a personal prayer and meditation. I decided to share it with the hope  that it encourages you. I frequently meet with people in counseling sessions who have strong desires and fears, and feel out of control and even powerless. I often ask them, "What do you do when you feel out of control?" This is simply me being honest about a few...  Read More
Inside Out: A Counselor's Critique
by Jason Berl on June 23rd, 2015
 The children in the movie were laughing hysterically at the funny voices and humorous jokes. I was analyzing the psychology of the movie while also seeking to enjoy the date night with my wife. It is advertised as a children's movie, but I believe the producers were seeking to influence and teach the adults that brought the kids to the movie. As a counselor, I loved this movie! There were more t...  Read More
"I Love You"
by Jason Berl on May 8th, 2015
What does "I love you" mean? Some say it all the time, and others feel weird saying it at all. When you say "I love you," what do you mean? Your answer to that question matters greatly. When Jesus was asked what the most important commandant is, he responded, “you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second ...  Read More
Competition: Fuel on the Field, but Poison Among Peers
by Jason Berl on April 17th, 2015
  Think about your best childhood friend. You likely have great memories with this person, and he or she has had a huge influence on your life. Consider the qualities that made this person your best friend. Was is that he was faster, stronger, and better than everyone else? Was it that she was the smartest or best looking? I doubt it. I bet you bonded over common interests, and you felt like you c...  Read More
Suffering On Easter
by Jason Berl on April 4th, 2015
 As a Christian counselor, I often tell people that it is okay not to be okay. As I walk with those struggling with depression, difficulties in their marriage, loss, addictions, etc., I encourage them to let themselves be emotionally affected by their pain instead of denying the truth of how they are doing.  I ask them to take off the "I am fine" mask and tell the truth. At the same time, I seek t...  Read More
"I'm Sorry, But It Is Your Fault" (This Changed My Life & Marriage)
by Jason Berl on March 7th, 2015
 I did not learn how to apologize until I was in graduate school a few years ago. As part of my counselor training, I was watching through a two-way mirror as one of my supervisors did couple's counseling. When he explained to the couple what a true apology is, he was also counseling me without knowing it. I believe God used that moment to make me a better child of God, husband, father, and friend...  Read More
The Harmful Effects of Pornography: A Counselor's View
by Jason Berl on March 4th, 2015
 Without a doubt, I have had more clients come to counseling for pornagraphy issues than any other single issue. They have come in to explore how pornography affects their marriage, spiritual life, emotional health, and more. My purpose here is not to write a research paper, but I simply want to give you this counselor's view of some of the harmful effects of pornography. Hopefully this will keep ...  Read More
The Voice of Shame
by Jason Berl on February 17th, 2015
SHAME says, "If people really knew you, they would reject you. If people knew what you have done or  what has been done to you, they would not want anything to do with you. Remember Adam and Eve! They realized they were naked and ashamed, so they hid. They hid from each other by covering themselves with leaves, and they hid from God in the bushes. You should hide too. Don't let people really get t...  Read More
All or Nothing Is Dangerous (Part 3 of Emotional Health: What Is It?)
by Jason Berl on November 22nd, 2014
   What does it mean to be emotionally healthy? We have already explored the first two principles concerning emotional health, and today we will consider number three.An emotionally healthy person has an expansive emotional vocabulary. An emotionally healthy person is willing and able to feel a variety of emotions and does not refuse to feel any specific emotion.An emotionally healthy person is in...  Read More
What Vows Have You Made? (Part 2 of Emotional Health: What Is It?)
by Jason Berl on October 16th, 2014
 Today, we tackle principle number two in the three part series exploring emotional health. If you missed the first principle, you may want to read it before continuing with this one. Principle # 2 - An emotionally healthy person is willing and able to feel a variety of emotions and does not refuse to feel any specific emotion. One of my counseling professors in seminary used to talk about vows, a...  Read More
Can You Describe What You Are Feeling Right Now? (Part 1 of Emotional Health: What Is It?)
by Jason Berl on September 26th, 2014
There is no MRI machine that can diagnose emotional health. However, if you are claustrophobic, getting in one of these may help you feel some strong emotion. We can go to a doctor and get a few tests done, and within a few days we will know whether we are physically healthy. Due to a blood test, readings on height and weight, a blood pressure reading, and a few other tests we can know where we st...  Read More
A "Moment of Death" in Guatemala
by Jason Berl on September 25th, 2014
How could I be so stupid? If I would have known what a big “gift” I was giving the boat driver, I would have at least said “God bless you” as I handed him the cash. It was a moment that lingers. Every time I think of it I get a little sick feeling in my stomach. I was ripped off. I was living for a short time in Antigua, Guatemala to study Spanish and immerse myself in Hispanic culture. I spoke li...  Read More